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Your Gateway to the German market!

Since 2005 we are a supplying international customers both within and ex-EU. Through our supply network and excellent manufacturer relationships we have access to almost any German pharmaceutical product.

It is a known fact that German products generally are not the cheapest. But when it comes to quality (GMP standards) and quantity (availability), Germany is a good direction to look at for sourcing pharmaceuticals:

  • Germany is the biggest pharmaceutical market within the EU, serving more a population of more than 80 million. The range of medicinal and medical products is vast and exceeds the number of other EU markets.
  • While centralized EMA products are generally of identical quality within the EU, there are still many national lines, where high German quality levels are much appreciated.
  • For many products the German price level is competitive to other relevant EU markets.

Finally, if German origin is not your primary focus we can upon request also offer lines from other EU markets sourcing from our international network of trusted suppliers.